Plastic products

Plastic products are omnipresent in everyday life. In our lab we test products from several industries, such as medical equipment, yacht building, wind energy, packaging, building products and automotive (reference list). You want us to test your product? Talk to us. Contact



Material tests

DMA analysis

Dynamic-mechanical analysis: Measurements on plastic materials in a tensile, three-point, compression or shear test apparatus under the influence of temperature and frequency

DSC analysis

Determination of the thermal properties of plastic materials (e. g. melting point, glass transition temperature, OIT)

Mechanical properties

Determination of the mechanical properties of plastic materials in a tensile, bending or compressive test apparatus


Measurement of the viscosity of resins and hardeners


Determination of the textile glass and mineral filler content of plastic materials


Determination of the density of plastic materials

Gas chromatography

The residual styrene content allows us to make a statement on the degree of curing of reactive resins containing styrene. We use gas chromatography to determine the residual styrene content.

IR spectral analysis

Creation of reference spectrums and check of the identity or composition of plastics

Joint strength

Determination of the strength of welding seams

Technological bending test

Determination of the bending length on welding seams

Long term vertical crushing strenght test

Analysis of the creep behaviour of plastic materials in a temperature-controlled test chamber over time